Iowa Max Bat Baseball Camp

bgOn January 31st, Diamond Dreams Sports Academy will be partnering with Team MaxBat for the 2nd annual Iowa MaxBat Baseball Camp, hosted at Diamond Dreams. This all skills camp is for ages 9 and up and will help the participants gain college exposure! It is our goal, at Diamond Dreams, to help children of all ages by providing as many opportunities as we can. THIS is one of those opportunities! There are 7 colleges signed up to help instruct (*and observe*) participants of this camp. This is a great opportunity for these coaches to see the skills of the players BEFORE baseball season starts in summer. Now here’s the best part, as if this wasn’t already fantastic information; participants of this camp can be invited to play on Team MaxBat! Players on Team MaxBat will enjoy a recruiting bio, gaining more college exposure and many other great benefits!

Here are the colleges that will be attending Diamond Dreams on the 31st for the camp:

Bethel University
Goshen College
Upper iowa
Elsworth CC
Iowa Lakes
Coe College
Iowa Weslyan

For more information on the Iowa MaxBat Baseball Camp and to sign up, click here or email us at


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